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We’re happy to customize our offer to suit the needs of professionals. We know how to adapt and offer you one-off conditions for your business when selling and hiring Vulcanus grills.

Types of co-operation

Hotels and restaurants

Vulcanus offers a complete service – from discounted grill prices to co-operation when filming promotional materials with your top chef.

Food festivals, markets and gastro competitions

Are you putting together a big event? Do you want to have several professional grills on site without having to buy them? Then take up our offer of Vulcanus grill hire.


Are you designing a garden or municipal park? Planning a public camp site? Then get in touch. We’ll happily offer you long-term co-operation.

Designer and specialized retailers

Have you got a designer store, or a shop retailing grills and catering equipment? Are you a firm specializing in delivering to the catering trade? Write to us. We offer retailers first class conditions and support.


Are you looking for equipment for your marketing activities and sales support? We’ve got several attractive offers just waiting for you. Our co-operation might start out with modifying grill designs and laser branding, but we can take it a whole lot further…


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